Helpful Lawn Mowing Tips And Tricks

Mowing is part and parcel of lawn care and maintenance. All of the lovely and healthy-looking lawns you see and that you envy have grasses that are trimmed at the right height. And this contributes greatly on the overall appeal and attractiveness of any lawn.

Mowing is also one of the gardening tasks many people do wrong. The mistakes you commit when mowing will have a negative effect on the fitness of your lawn and its overall look or appearance as well. To make sure that you are correctly carrying out of lawn mowing tasks, follow the tips and tricks below:

Make sure the mower you'll use is well-maintained. Keep blades sharp - have them sharpened monthly or at least twice a year. Adjust the mower's deck height to about 3 inches. Never neglect the deck's underside as well. If possible, after every use, get rid of the clippings and debris. This helps maintain the machine's cutting quality and it also prevents rusting.

Always plan your cut. Never mow a freshly watered lawn; mow only dry yard. Don't rush cutting when you are utilizing a walk-behind mower or a riding machine as well especially if in order to also mulching the lawn since demands extra time to process the turf.

When mowing, don't follow your exact wheel tracks for quicker achievement. Lawn care experts say that it is critical to vary the direction of mow each time. Each and every mow, try crisscrossing the mower have to be eliminated the cut in the same level. By going into alternate directions, you also disperse clippings to a cleaner and healthier lawn.

Do not remove more than one-third of the grass blades. The stress on the blade could result in the lawn browning, especially during the summer seson. Most lawn care experts point out that the lowest height for any lawn to be cut is just 2 ".

Always be aware when you're mowing on slopes or hills. Avoid entering high speeds and sudden turns over hills when mowing since this is likely tear up the turf. If you're using a walk-behind mower, mow side-to-side. When using a tractor or rider, mow sheer and down runs. Go slow if you're going down hills especially if you are using a zero-turn-radius mower.

Before mowing, remove or pick up twigs, any visible debris and stones and any item that can damage your mower or leave an unsightly mess on your lawn.